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The Mobile Recording Truck
Studio Live Recording is a one-of-a-kind mobile recording studio based out of the RI area. There has been alot of research, energy, and time devoted to the design of this unique mobile recording studio.

We at believe that we have created the best studio control room on wheels that the industry has to offer. To start, the floor is comprised of 4 different layers. The main layer is a 2 inch concrete floor comprised of Norlite concrete. This 3000lb + floor is floated on hundreds of neoprene rubber pucks. This construction enables the entire control room to float by itself and be decoupled from the main truck assembly. The sub-floor is comprised 3/4 inch MDF to add more isolation. The top layer is a 3/4 custom oak floor. The walls of the control room are floated as-well from the truck shell. The walls are constructed using 5/8 sheet rock, 2 x 4 studs, 2 inch acoustical panels and last but not least chicken wire. Chicken wire is used to cancel out any RF signals so you can be sure that your recording is noise free.

The ceiling is comprised of a double system. The outer ceiling is floated and constructed just like the wall system described above. The second ceiling which is the actual control room ceiling is constructed with several types of material. This ceiling incorporates 2 different designs to accurately control the sound waves in the control room to optimize your record.

There are several other critical design elements in the control room of Studio Live Mobile Recording. We wish at this time to not to disclose them. Maybe you’ll just have to see the truck for yourself.

The truck is a very rugged 1993 FL 60 manufactured by Freightliner. Freightliner has a reputation of manufacturing some of the best trucks and tractor trailers the the industry has to offer. The box that is mounted on the truck that acts as the control room is 20 ft long , 8 ft wide and 8 ft high.

The Studio Live Recording Mobile control room is also equipped with a 13,500 BTU A/C unit and a heating unit. This assures a comfortable environment for all.

One step into Studio Live Recording Moible Truck will reveal the time, energy, and wisdom devoted to this very special remote / mobile recording studio on wheels.